VBAC: A Wild & Wonderful Ride

As a mama, myself, who has experienced a VBAC, it is always a joy to support other mamas who want to have a VBAC!  I have walked with some who it was not possible (for a variety of reasons), and I have walked with just as many who have been utterly thankful for this option in which to give birth.

What is the difference?  In my observation, there are just as many possibilities as there are in any mother birthing.  But I have seen a three items (checked off in this order) that are all common to VBAC’s that succeed.  First, a mother who is ABSOLUTELY determined.  Not sort of, not maybe, not “if it is convenient” but absolutely determined to have her baby vaginally.  Secondly, the support is with her–from husband or partner and from hopefully a great doula.  The mother will need them all to be as committed and unrelenting as she.  And thirdly, a birth that can be worked with.  And by this, I mean the birth circumstances are one that positions, pacing, and variations CAN and do make the difference in progression.  There are some births that medical situations arise that are outside the norm of birth, and when this happens, there is no “working with it.”  There is simply relying on the great medical support that one has hired.  When these three ingredients are present, one has the potential for a great VBAC experience.