Wisdom from 6-Week-Old Parents

BalaityFamily1Our beautiful daughter, Eleanor Balaity was born on August 4, 2013 and the past six weeks have been the greatest of our married lives! In our vast experience we have learned the importance  of two things: teamwork and the importance of maintaining our other interests. The responsibility of keeping a newborn healthy and happy can be overwhelming, and we have seen the great value and blessing in having another person to help share the responsibility. One way we have done this is having Nick change and get Elle ready to be fed and then I feed her. It not only helps in the process of feeding but also gives both of us a distinct area to help our daughter and one another. The second thing we have learned is the importance of maintaining our outside interests. For example, Nick loves running and we have made it a priority for him to continue to be able to do that. For my non-athletic self it has been great to make time to call friends and spend time reading. Being able to pursue our other interests has helped us have more energy for caring for Elle and has helped us feel like we have a life outside of changing diapers! We are so looking forward to becoming more seasoned parents and are thankful for the incredible blessing of our daughter!

By Tara and Nick Balaity