Rouggly Family

When my wife said she wanted a doula, I had my doubts about us really needing one. But someone told me that a doula to a birth is like a wedding coordinator to a wedding: able to help you achieve your goals as well as deal with all the unknowns that arise. And on a scale of 1-10, Jennifer was a 15!”

–Seth Rouggly, father

Moncayo Family

We were faced with some tough decisions concerning labor induction in our high-risk pregnancy. Jennifer respected our doctor’s opinion as well as helping us think through the possible scenarios and weigh our options. We were then able to have an informed conversation with our doctor and decide together what was best for our son’s birth.

–Sara and Daniel Moncayo

Rudulph Family

Jennifer and I met and started working together the very first day my labor began. With no previous relationship with her, I was amazed how quickly we connected. Her personality and tender care were exactly what I needed during my labor experience. And she was very helpful to my husband also! I am very thankful to have had Jenn by my side!!

–Diana Rudulph, mother